Skullcap Lemon Yerbe Mate Kombucha

"Whether climbing a mountain or cramming for finals, our Yerba-Bucha;s 200mg or organic caffeine will get you where you're going with eas. Low sugar paired with a rich blend of antioxidants and probiotics will keep you glowing no matter the time of day. Our yerbe mate, guayusa, and green coffee bean is rich in: theophylline, theobromine, L theanine. L theanine releases caffeine more gradually. This helps eliminate the spikes and drops associated with coffee consumption." - BNF

Photos by BNF Kombucha and Jun

Ingredients: Fluoride-free filtered water, black tea*, raw kombucha*, yerba mate*, raw cane sugar*, skullcap*, lemon*, guayusa extract*, green coffee bean extract*


  • Producer: BNF Kombucha and Jun

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