16 oz, Honduran Coffee (Light Roast)

Fair trade and organic Honduran coffee, from San Miguel, Marcala, and La Paz regions

We are happy to present coffee locally hand-roasted by a Deck Family Farm employee, Alex Newton. This is the most local coffee you could find in the Willamette Valley and we 100% support the growing practices behind these beans.

It is grown in Honduras, in the San Miguel, Marcala, and La Paz regions, by the Cooperativa RAOS (Regional de Agricultores Organicos de la Sierra)Certifications: Fair Trade & USDA Certified Organic. Grown by various small farms and imported by Café Imports. 

A significant number of the 270 contributing members of the Cooperativa RAOS are women-run farms which focus on increasing gender equity in their communities. They have setupds for both wet and dry milling, which allow even the unpredicable Honduran weather facilitate a tasty brew. 

  • Producer: Radiant Coffee Roasters


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