Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8.45 oz.

This unfiltered robust blend of Arbequina and Arbosana olive varietals is full-flavored and fruit-forward, just like a cabernet you'd enjoy with dinner or the IPA you would share with your friends.

Drizzled copiously over pasta, salads and vegetables, or finishing soups and stews, our fragrant premium extra virgin olive oil compliments their subtle properties, while it's fruity tones, bitterness and silk-like butter quality enlivens dips, dressings, vinaigrettes and finishing sauces.

When served as a condiment,Oregon Olive Oil enriches the taste of prepared steaks, fish and poultry, too, adding a layer of complex depth and perfection to the otherwise ordinary.

Tasters have noted Oregon Olive Oil's "grassy-green flavor has a rich, buttery, peppery finish and lingering pungency."

About the farm: River Ranch cultivates both Arbequina and Arbosana varieties of olives in well-tended groves nestled along the banks of the North Umpqua River in Glide, Oregon. These cold-tolerant varieties have superb olive oil attributes and exceptional flavor. The Mediterranean-like micro climate of the area provides ideal growing conditions, while thrifty watering during the growing season increases the healthful polyphenol levels in the fruit.

After months of careful tending we harvest early by hand, when not only taste but polyphenol levels, too, are at their height - and get them to press without delay. Although harvesting at this rather early stage of ripening means less oil is extracted, by doing so we produce a higher quality ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil.

River Ranch never uses synthetic fertilizers or chemical sprays. 

Rest assured River Ranch will never mix its premium, completely Oregon-grown olive oil with other "sourced" oils, as many of our competitors do.

  • Producer: River Ranch Oregon Olive OIl

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