1/2 gal, (A2) Raw Fresh Whole Milk

A2 milk from Izzy, a tested A2 Jersey cow. This special milk only contains A2 beta-casein and is easier to digest for some. Read more about A2 milk here: https://www.westonaprice.org/book-reviews/devil-in-the-milk-by-keith-woodford/

Cream on top. There is a $3 deposit included in the "value" of this item. Return the jar clean and dry to the following locations, with the plastic lid, and receive $3 back!

1. Any Deck Family Farm farmers market booth

2. Deck Family Farm "FFCSA jar return tote" with your name on a slip of paper inside

Corvallis drop does NOT accept jar returns. Please bring labeled jars to the farm. 

  • Producer: Deck Family Farm

    5 available

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