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September 23th Weekly Example Box

Dear FFCSA members, 
This week, alas, there no more garlic or strawberries, but the melons continue.
I would like to reiterate that the sooner you can order your thanksgiving turkey, the better, as they are very popular and I cannot guarantee how long they will be available for ordering after this week!
New this week is: Old World Paste Tomatoes (for canning, ketchup and beyond!) Green storage cabbage and Joaquin peppers.  The Hungarian Hot Wax pepper has been renamed  as a "Hot Portugal" pepper. As you may have noticed last week, the corn plants were small, thus the ears are about 70% of a full sized ear, but still super tasty and valued slightly less. Butter is back! As is a limited amount of unrendered leaf lard (for real this time). 
On sale this week are: sweet onions, pork chops, and spare ribs and roasters again! 
Here is an onion jam recipe, as an idea for members who want to order the sweet onions, at this week's good price, before they are gone. Storage onions will be up next.
All the best, 
Ella and Team