February 19th Weekly Example Box

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February 19th Weekly Example Box

Dear FFCSA members, 

New this week from...

Deck Family Farm
Oxtail, look for it in the bones and broth section.  Average 2# pack. Whether you are using it for stew or stock, oxtail is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef.

Raw sweet cream butter, here, but limited again, so please be mindful when ordering. 

Raw feta cheese, has replaced the raw farmers cheese for the time being. 

Hot and Sweet Italian sausage
, on special!

From Sweetleaf: 
Yacon, still here for another week more. 

From Little Wings: 
Purple sprouting broccoli, parsley, rainbow chard, romaine hearts and mixed Asian green bunches. 

From Wintergreen: 

Celeriac: Also called "celery root" is not actually the root of the celery plant that we normally eat, though related.
This root vegetable is edible raw or cooked and tastes like celery! It is excellent roasted, stewed or mashed.

German Beer Radish: great with bread, butter and beer! 

Daikon Radish: More mild tasting than other radishes with an impressive arsenal of health benefits including digistive and immune boosting properties.  
and we will have storage turnips and leeks again this week for sure, apologies for the mix-up last week!